Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thanks for checkin' us out!

Welcome! This blog has been set up so that those of you not within a 'hop, skip, and jump away' from us out here in the prairie can stay in touch with the progress of little Max. Jo Marie & I found out we were pregnant with a little baby around the beginning of December, 2008. We recently found out that we would be having a little boy, who will be named Max in honor of Joie's grandmother, Maxine. We hope you enjoy this blog, and we can't wait until the little guy is finally here!

1st Set of Sonogram Pictures

In the first picture, you can see that he is in fact a little boy. In the second picture, Max is clearly taking after Jo Marie and Muncle Josh. He is in his thinking position, with his hand up on his chin...

Here are two simple left profile shots...

Here, in picture #5, you can see even more clearly that Max is a boy. And in the 6th picture, he's giving us all shoutout with a thumbs up!