Thursday, February 25, 2010

We have teeth!

And a few from his 6 month pictures!

Max Bolick turned 6 months on 2/6/2010

This one with Zak and Max is a personal favorite!
Can you see them - we have our two bottom teeth!

Our little Olympian!

Prunes are always a big hit!

We are headed to Eureka Springs, Arkansas this weekend for a weekend of relaxation, so we'll be sure to post some pictures upon our return!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Swimming Lessons!

Well we had a great time! Max loved the water (just like his parents). It was so much fun for Zak and I to introduce Max to swimming. Zak isn't pictured because he was taking all the pictures.

And, as you can see, it our little guy was worn out after so much swimming! My favorite part is how he is hanging onto the swing!

Up Next: Tooth pictures! We have a tooth, although we have yet to capture it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Doctor's Visit and first 'real' bath

He LOVED the bath!

Happy baby!

Doesn't he look so satisfied that he is getting his way!

Zak takes these pics when I'm not looking!

This was our 4th attempt at a family pic! (you should see the rejects - ha)

The visit to the Doctor was great! Max is in the 82nd Percentile for weight and the 11th percentile for height. We were concerned that he has no interest in taking a bottle or sippy cup. He really only likes drinking out of real cups or sippy cups without the no-spill stopper. The Dr. said he is just strong willed and/or stubborn. You can draw your own conclusions as to where he got that from! Max had is first real bath and LOVED it. This is a good thing since we are starting swimming lessons on Monday! Stay tuned for pictures of that adventure.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Max is 6 months old!!!

Can you believe it? 6 months?? So many of you understand my shock and awe at how quickly time passes with a little one. Max has such a little personality these days! He smiles when he sees familiar faces (and even some strangers), he loves to play with his feet, he is REALLY enjoying some new foods (pears and squash are favorites - maybe he won't get his daddy's eating habits!), and he is obsessed with his exersaucer!

He has started sitting in high chairs at restaurants and loves it!
Mr. Smiles!!!
I love this picture of Max's friend Micah. Micah seems to be watching over Max - so cute! Max is very lucky to have lots of little boys to play with! We can't wait to hit the pool with our little guys this summer. On another note Zak is DONE with graduate school, which means lots more family time! We are going to spend Saturday in KC to celebrate - lots of pictures to come of Max on his 6 month birthday (2/6/2010). Also, Max heads to the doctor next week, so we'll let you know what he has to say!