Saturday, April 9, 2011

Way too long!

How else could I title this post?! It has been way too long since we have updated this post. Since our last update, the weather has turned much warmer, the trees and flowers are in bloom, the Bolick's have taken two trips out of state, we have all been sick and gotten better at least once, and Max has had his first real boo-boo! Let's start with our first trip out of town, where we met Lizzie, Ben, Betsy, Mary Milam, Campbell, and Gabriel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Here is a shot of us all (Max wasn't too happy about saying "cheese").

In Eureka Springs, we all hung around the Green Tree Lodge (thanks Cindy!), shopped a little, climbed a couple 100' observation towers, and visited a big cat refuge, and saw the biggest Jesus ever. All in all, it was an awesome time. Here is a picture of Max that Lizzie shot, that we all loved!

Here is a shot of Jo Marie with Betsy and Max in front of one of the tigers. You just can't grasp how HUGE these animals are until you are right there in front of them!

Here is Max hanging out with Jesus.

Just two weeks later, Jo Marie, Max, and I headed out to North Carolina for a visit with the Bolick family. Max was wonderful on both flights, and we had an awesome time hanging out with Muncle Josh and Aimee, Pop & GB, Todd, Carren, Travis, and Nana and Papa. We didn't get to see as many people as we had hoped to see while we were in town, but we had a good time nonetheless. Here, Max and Mommy are having a good time hanging out on Papa's boat!

We were so fortunate to have everyone in town, so we had a dear friend (Chris Hicks, you rock) come out and capture a few family shots. Here is one of my favorites!

After our visit in Reidsville, we shot down to Charlotte to hang out with Grandpa Frank and Grandma Kathy. We went to IKEA and then walked around Concord Mills, before heading to the airport to come back home. Here is a shot of our little laid back Max driving around in the car at Concord Mills. And here we are, trying to take up time at the airport before our flight. Can you say, mischievous?!

We have been back in town now for a month or so, and we have been busy. Max took a fall stepping out of the back of our house (which he has done more successfully many times), and landed on our concrete patio somewhere between his upper lip and his nose. I would show you a picture, but we couldn't manage taking a picture of our pitiful little guy for a few days! But never fear, he's all better now! We also introduced him to a combination of two of his favorite things: Bubbles and the bathtub. That, so far, has been a hit! Thanks for stopping by, and I am sorry it has taken me more than two months to get back to blogging. I will be better, I promise! Until next time, much love from the Bolick clan!