Saturday, January 8, 2011

Video Time!

Well, it has been a long, long time since we posted a video on the blog of little Max. However, we have been shooting a few more videos, since everyday it seems as though he is doing something new. In time, we both promise to add more videos to this blog, because sometimes, a still picture just doesn't cut it! This morning, while sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast, we saw an opportunity to grab the video camera to catch some mad spoon handling skills (insert sarcasm here). What we got, though, is a rare opportunity to catch Max talking with a camera in his face. We hope you enjoy!

In other news, Jo Marie and I are both determined to get in better shape, as she is working out every day and I (officially) begin my P90X training next week. We are both really dedicated to this, and hope that the distraction of working out will get us through yet another cold Kansas winter (we are anticipating 5" of snow tomorrow through Tuesday). We took the month of December off from working on the house, but now that it is a new year, I have once again picked up a paint brush and the work continues. Maybe sooner than later, we'll post some pictures of the house, since the ones that have been posted are few and far between! Well, it looks like it is time to hit the antique mall and thrift store with Max and Jo Marie, so until next time...