Friday, September 11, 2009

Big Visit from Grandpa Rozzelle AND First trip to the pool!

Well, we have been blessed this week with another special visitor - my dad! He spent the week with Zak, Max and I, and we have been doing all kinds of fun things. Grandpa generously stepped in and watched Max while I taught a class at KU and observed one of my student teachers. I don't know if I'll ever know what kind of trouble the got into ;)
We also made time for a visit to the holidome pool. Max must take after mom and dad because he loved the water (well he didn't seem to mind it, which, I figure means he loved it). We'll have him signed up for swim lessons and on the swim team before you know it. It's been a fun week with grandpa!
Stay tuned for more Bolick excitement. After the past few weeks of visitors, we'll be settling into a routine of balancing rest, play time, and a little bit of working for me.

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  1. Max is pretty cute, but you should see my pepper plant.