Sunday, March 14, 2010

A lot has been happening!

We went to the Airline History Museum in Kansas City - What fun to tour old airplanes!

We graduated from swim lessons!

Max and dad had so much fun swimming.

We said farewell to Julie as she set off for DC.

We visited Grandma at the Antique Mall - before it almost floated away!

Max got to hang out with Hudson. They are really starting to 'play' together.

We saw the springs of Eureka Springs

And climbed to the tops of the hills.

And, of course, we give this big grin to everyone we see!


  1. Amazing pictures...all of you are growing as a family! Love it!

  2. I see two little teeth now! Wow what a big grin!! What a blessing this child is. We love him so much. Aunt Carren

  3. Max is so photogenic... what a smile!! The pict of Grandma and Max at Timeless is so cute, too. Don't tell her I said so...