Sunday, July 11, 2010

He moves and bites!

Max doesn't scale walls yet, but I couldn't get the picture to rotate!

Happy 4th!

Max saying goodbye to friend Charlie - he moved all the way to Topeka!

Mom and dad are thinking it is time for a new house, Poor Max is getting too big for the bathroom sink ;)

While we were in Wilmington, Max became an expert crawler. He is moving all over the place now!

He also has eight teeth, that's right friends, eight!

Can you believe he'll be one in a little over three weeks? Can someone explain to me how time passes so quickly with a little one?!?!

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  1. Love the pictures of him growing so fast! If you're thinking about moving, how about somewhere East? Would love to have you all closer!! Love and kisses.
    Aunt Carren