Monday, December 27, 2010

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Max's new lawn mower, or carpet mower, compliments of Todd, Carren, & Travis!

Zak and I at the DCB Christmas party!

My favorite tradition at Christmas time! (as you can see, it's Max's too ;) Crown Center at Christmas is such a wonderful place to visit!

Jo Marie think he looks just like she did as a baby in this one! The sweet radio flyer bumper car came from Nana & Papa Bolick.

Can you tell his personality by this one??

Um, Max, the bone is actually for Abby!

What are Zak and I doing, you ask? Well, looks like we are trying to look as silly as possible in front of the mixer.

LOOK! Another present!

We've wrapped up (no pun intended!) another holiday with Max and it's been such a blast. We celebrated our first Christmas in our new home and started some new traditions. All of the presents pictured are from overly generous family! Max received some of the neatest presents this Christmas from all of his grandparents (When you have 6 grandparents you can really LOAD UP!), great-grandparents, and great aunt and uncle. He is one lucky boy to have so many loving family members! Zak, Max and I hope you've all had a fantastic holiday with your family and friends.
In other Max related news, we are constantly amazed by his growing vocabulary. He can say about 45 words and seems to be adding a new ones daily. It is so fun to see him communicate with words. He loves taking baths these days and lives for giving Abby treats. Now that I think about it, I bet Abby likes this new trait of his as well, perhaps better than he does!
We are settling into our new home and continue to slowly make changes to it to make it our own. Zak just celebrated his fourth year at Douglas County Bank and I'm still working at Washburn University, Kansas University, and Insight Schools of Kansas. It's a busy time in our lives, but we wouldn't change a thing. Until next time, thanks for visiting our blog!

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