Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bolick Family's First BLIZZARD!

Well, we have finally done it. That's right, we have survived (so far, at least!) our first blizzard together as a family. The reports for snow began building up last week, and with each and every day, the seriousness began to increase by our local meteorologists (huge shout-out to Brian Busby!). Yesterday, there was a Blizzard Warning issued, which made some of us laugh, and others of us a bit nervous for what was to come. Jo Marie and I slept lightly on the eve of the first day of February, awaiting word from Washburn University as to whether or not she was going to have to teach class first thing in the morning, and hence, have to drive to Topeka. Around 5:20 am, Washburn announced (like everyone else in NE KS, including all state offices) that they would be closed for the pending blizzard. Thus, Max and Jo Marie would have to hold down the fort while I went to work. The snow began around 6:00 I would guess, and snowed all morning with a good amount of wind. I was wondering what it was going to be like heading home after a day of what I was watching outside of my office window! Jo Marie and Max went to a friends house for a play date before things got too bad, and all in all, enjoyed their day together, sans a little cabin fever!

They started with a little post-breakfast, nothing other than Lucky Charms. Funny thing though, Max really only cares for the marshmallows...

Next came helping mom with the dish-washer.

Then on to Legos...

Can you feel the cabin fever beginning to set in?!

Yay! Daddy's home!!! Thankfully, the bank cut us loose at 2:00, so once I got home, Max wanted to go outside (for only about five minutes, that's all we could stand...)

Trying out our new sled, which both daddy, mommy, and Max were all under-whelmed by!

Stay tuned for some videos that I took after I got home from work, just before sun-down, and on the morning of February 2, 2011, after all of the snow had fallen. The temperature for the next couple of days isn't supposed to heat up past 10 degrees, and the wind will continue to howl. I believe the wind chills for Wednesday and Thursday will hang between -20 and -5 or so, based on the last reports that I have heard. For a guy that has lived in KS for about 4 years, but had NC blood in his body for his first 26 years, that is down-right COLD!!!

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