Monday, June 8, 2009

Max's First Vacation (well, sort-of...)

Well, it's time to pass along another update of what is happening in Max's world. We are just 73 days until the ever-anticipated due date, and we couldn't be more thrilled. We recently took a quick trip down to Florida, wondering if it would be the last time we went on a 'real vacation' for some time. Here is a picture from our trip...
We spent some time at Disney World (thanks Theresa for a great time!), and then headed to the beach at St. Petersburg. We really had an awesome time. Max even got a few souvenirs. Here is one:
It is hard to tell, but that is a "1st Time Visitor" button that was presented to Max on the last night of our stay at the fabulous Port Orleans Riverside Resort. You can see the excitement pouring out through Joie. Speaking of Joie, she got her own little treat:

Yes folks, that is funnel cake. You should have been there. It was truly magical.

In other news, the nursery is coming along great. We spent some time yesterday hanging all of the license plates that have been pouring in through the mail. We really appreciate the plates, and each time we receive a plate we are sure to write who it is from on the back for Max's benefit. Here is an updated look at the nursery.

The red license plate on the far left is the last one on that wall, and we have almost two whole walls to go! HELP!!! One thing that we do not need help with at this point is clothes for Max. For example:

Here is a crib FULL of clothes ranging in sizes NB to 12 months. These are just the outfits, Joie has stashed the onsies, sleepers, sleep sacks, etc. in another place. She is also (possibly) nesting, as this room has been organized, reorganized, and re-reorganized. But it has been fun for sure!
Stay tuned for more from the 'Bolick family in the making...'


  1. How exciting! I'm so glad you guys got to get away together before the baby comes. And I'm super jealous of the funnel cake. Looks amazing.

  2. We love all we see so far! We're sending some tags from good old North Carolina so Max can see his roots!

  3. The vacation looked wonderful and Max's room is really nice. I love the bookcase and especially the giant math book:)
    Nest away!