Sunday, June 28, 2009

Max's First Baby Shower!

What a great time we had at Max's First Shower! We even had a great time squeezing in for this group photo. The only one missing is from the photo is my mom (Kay) who was the lucky photographer. Max was blessed with many wonderful gifts! He got everything from bottles to baby wash. Everyone was so generous! He now has a car seat and a stroller, so he's ready to take on the world. It was a great afternoon to catch up with teachers from WRMS as well as some close friends from Lawrence. I think everyone is anxious to meet baby Max (Zak and I included)!
We are going to the hospital on July 1st for our pre-admission appointment. Once all of that paperwork has been filed the hospital will be ready and waiting for us to come and have this baby - although, in this case, later is better than sooner! We'll let everyone know how the hospital tour went, as well as our next Dr.'s appointment on July 6th (33 week check up).

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