Tuesday, July 14, 2009

37 Days and Counting: Show me the belly :)

Well, as promised, we'll quickly update you on the hospital pre-admission appointment as well as the Doctor's appointment. The hospital visit was exciting for us since it is the last time we will be at the hospital until it is time (hopefully) for baby Max. We filled out all of the paperwork, and we are officially all systems go! The doctor's appointment was quite uneventful - a good thing- and we are slated to go again on Monday the 27th, when we'll be 36.5 weeks. Then, its every week until Max arrives.

We are realizing that everyday gets us a lot closer to that August 20th due date. We've been playing lots of board games and card games and trying to keep things fun and exciting. Basically, we are really trying to enjoy our last few weeks as a two-some. Of course, we are fitting these fun times in between our grad school homework!

Max is moving like crazy, and is leading mom and dad to believe that he is going to be quite the mover when he makes his big debut. Jo is convinced that Max will be born on Nan's birthday - August 16th. Feel free to comment with your own guess of when the big day will be. Who knows, we may even have a little prize.

Max still has two showers to go - The Douglas County Bank shower will be held this Thursday the 16th and a friends and family shower will be held on the 30th of July. Jo Marie spent a good part of the weekend preparing Max's room (yes, she had to box up three tubs of clothes to make a little -not much- room in Max's crib), and before long we will be posting final nursery pictures. The nursery is really coming along. We are searching for someone who has chalkboard skills. In other words, we have a great chalkboard and are looking for someone to write "Max, Oh the Places you'll go" in a neat and artistic manor. Know anyone in the Lawrence area who will to do this??

We'll be in touch soon! Only a little more than 5 weeks to go!


  1. Jo is looking great and Dad sounds great also.

    Mom Bolick and Dad Bolick are so excited we can hardly wait.

    love you,

  2. I'm so excited! My guess is August 10th...my b-day is Oct. 10th! Natalie is such a little artist...she just might be the person for writing on the chalkboard...she is amazing!

  3. Matt or Kristie are both talented artists who could maybe help you out with your chalk art...steph