Monday, October 19, 2009

A trip to North Carolina and the Doctor

Well, Max, Zak and I had a great trip to North Carolina. Max got to meet several very special people. Two of those people are pictured above - Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Bolick. He also got to meet his great Aunt and great Uncle as well as many friends of Zak's in town for his big ten year reunion. Although it was a very short trip, we so enjoyed the time with family and friends. Below you will see a picture of Max on his first plane ride ever - wow does he look excited or what?Here we caught another smile while playing with great-grandma on the couch! He is getting so expressive!

Daddy and Max at the Lake house - just hanging out!

I included this picture because there is such a difference in his size - and it is so obvious when you compare this picture to the picture of him coming home from the hospital in his car seat. I must say that I was rather excited when this outfit PERFECTLY matched the colors in his car seat - thanks friend Steven for letting us borrow this CUTE outfit!

And on the note of getting bigger, Max is now in the 30th percentile in weight (11 pounds 3 ounces) and the 40th percentile in height (23 inches). The doctor says things are looking great and he is 'right on track.' Yay, Max!

Zak and I have discussed how we are really getting the hang of things at this point and are cherishing every moment we have with little Max. He is such a precious gift. Stay tuned for more updates!!!

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