Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mr. Smiles!


He LOVES his frog!

Thanks to Stones Photography for capturing this great family picture!

Where does the time go? It is the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and it seems like just yesterday Zak and I were begging for license plates for the nursery. With that said, we are just having a blast! Max is growing so quickly. He is smiling so much now and making all kinds of fun noises! We have been taking video and need to get one loaded soon. Zak and I had to take the post bath photo to prove that we now have a chubby baby! He has some great rolls! He is really enjoying different textures, and just loves that soft frog in the second picture. It is so fun seeing him explore different toys and textures! Our good friends Randi and Rick ( took a few pictures of our family this past weekend, so I thought I would share one. We'll post again soon with Thanksgiving quickly approaching. Zak and I are looking forward to a few days without the distractions of work.

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