Friday, November 6, 2009

The three month mark (sniff, sniff)

Can you believe it's been three months already? Talk about the most amazing, most exciting, best three months of my life (I can hardly even remember the sleep deprivation). Zak and I feel so blessed to be parents. We just love our new job as mom and dad! Above, Max and Zak are chillin' after Zak finished working in the yard, and below, is just the sweetest face I have ever seen.

I am beginning to think Max is taking after me as far as talking non-stop goes :) He is making all kinds of noises. Also, Max is now firmly holding onto to toys and such (see below). Zak couldn't resist snapping this photo as Max carefully held of onto his bottle. We are using bottles every now and again, as it gives me a bit of a break. Speaking of which, I have my first girls night planned tonight with the carpool girls, and I couldn't be more excited to catch up!

The holidays are just around the corner, so many festive pictures to follow! If you know Zak and I, you know we go a little overboard with Christmas decorating.

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